Kornati position: 48°47,60`N / 15°37,20`E
Number of islands: 152
National park islands: 89
Lower Kornati: islands Sit and Žut with surrounding islands
Upper Kornati: island Kornat with surrounding islands
Land area: 69 km2
Sea area: 300 km2

Out of 152 islands 89 are proclaimed in 1980. to be protected as national park area for their exceptional landscape, large number of small islands and rich sea bed.
One of the most impressive landscapes are cliffs on the outer (west) side of lower Kornati islands.

These cliffs remind of crowns and were called krune (crowns) for long time which is the most probably how Kornati got their name (crown - corona - kornati). The highest of cliffs are located on island Klobuchar (80 meters), on island Mani (65 meters) and Raship veli (64 meters). Underwater parts of these cliffs can reach up to 100 meters in depth.
Besides cliffs and different most particular shapes of islands interesting sights are straits Mala and Vela Proversa, located between three islands: Kornat, Katina and Long Island. Mala Proversa is channel artificially made by ancients Romans in 1st century AD (there are archeological remains of building and aquarium/pool for fish).

If you are cruising through Kornati for the first time you will notice stone walls all over islands hundreds of meters long. These walls are called suhozidi and were made by our ancestors with their bare hands during winter cold and summer heat to preserve pasture and to stop sheep crossing from one property to another. On the island Kornat only these walls are 70 km long.

Today there is no permanent residents on islands but small fisherman or labourer houses reveal presence of civilization. Those places are turned to restaurants and apartments made for “robinson” tourism and are very popular destinations for tourists and boaters.

Government has restricted fishing in Kornati area to residents only that makes sea bed rich source of sea goods for restaurants. Therefore Kornati offer unforgettable gastronomy experience and very fine dining pleasure. Lobster pasta, grilled Dentox, Scampi buzara, Octopus salad, carpacio… you name it. Kornati are indeed true paradise for everyone that enjoys loneliness of untouched nature.

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