If youve never been on a motor yacht holiday before, youre in for the vacation of a lifetime.

The first time the anchor drops in a lonely bay with sound of crickets is a magical moment; cool breezes, warm sunshine and azure seas will romance you into a deep and committed love of vacationing on the water.

If it does happen to be your first time on a luxury motor yacht, you probably wont know much about boat rules and on board etiquette.

Let’s go together through behave guide to make your stay on board even more pleasurable:

  • Do not be afraid, Captain is always there to help.

  • Please take your shoes off before entering the yacht.

  • Please do not smoke inside.

  • Please mind not to scratch yacht interior with watch or jewellery

  • Please wash off the sun creme before entering the yachts interior.

  • Parents are responsible for children behaviour.

  • Before navigation close all portholes.

  • Please do not leave cups hanging around.

  • Please keep clear the cockpit area and sidewalks during berthing unless you are asked to help.

  • When cruising through crystal seas its our duty to preserve their natural state, please do not throw garbage in the water.

  • While in marina and around other boats keep music at appropriate volume.

  • Please do not throw anything but small amounts of toilet paper in toilet seat.

  • Saving water on yacht is important, as there is limited capacity of fresh water.

  • Please do not leave lights on if you don’t need them.

Thank You for considering these simple suggestions!

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